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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 17, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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dnow ittwkis n tlees thate ofoney w goit to e n tthte present,of ey ght nooi o whatsgoin oes t, ch lie tarlino atin o che li - >>port: -epoed i fr f cat>>rt pofundisernd i ir port it fonat th nder i shthe ll srteeit gs thataveth suorteshhim e s g atvesutehem pastecesty stes hey b ey b tted my rorti shedheywoul noedsupp t th r prtiideninshey numbs.ul neilwhono wenppthren mb il toen tt? trepoer: dge nd t ys. ere e po: e . le eralon wl stet n yor dot, thhome lal w ofst norimounedothme of leral butouhe mouse istoppg a a t l alloveut le usfispp aente t ve mocrsn waestrete bause cr wareof bse
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dd-fnk, ey lame-f, he tal emeiolee,nal elehe rtori anthe.e.os aayin rri theane.o ain unrsta. >>ne: ou ohe ar? or unta neou o anety? >>re?rter it ior outn y? reer fea iut neilyou ve ain the ea llieilu a t >>rerteri nt sarday ter weie t reer saay r twe m t he epente n ne yoro epteeel if th bneieve innythgor otr thhel ifth bventh otth rtori >>ne: di th rogni you? r ri >>est: nedih few i rni kep u? >> ot: waing.ew re i thehing iep picadg. up, i he lo ofngthe stu aut wl icstre doep, t maloofense tu
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th do at k ww reboutoe t mans tho kut t nkinrisi wt caedt. was otinsi w cacatali. on sid asnatializ ted," ali an sheon sid tnow ttiiz fed tas," anhe ow t tionizeded whe ty eartilate sonedn whotes t a thee ptilosotey wch muc es a morhe rdica pso w ucorand rchca red marxt. wasust obsvingrx stpictbsesng ofct o ch aam ch a - pamletsand meamtsndmarx was r ht," andhey ar notalkgrxas r," aoundey arnolk a gouch >>il: ybetheyavead i gwithchhe raies>>: end teye i esid t, bth thi mey israows t movi to itt,id bhi mso, cou viot, ty make tt, theouemoats, t ke the mo pos,tica isue? ho couhat fl on e poca ie? pr idenhoout fn
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repo er: u caprenay ts ishe po: ca pay t of ll tre alough thi the iaf re al lghhihe a g enoh te par l elent he r ublin a par note ar now elheret y wil rli kwar is t w tre yil kw artyis ttyf cro capilismndro pism dd -fra- aows is. aneil ty dotave a as a .ind wh the il pre tdentoasve a ne. o bi todwhherentfail . biiso stibutiltit dd-fnkthat uldbe but eir -f ttomine ats b ndut r ome s bn lped repoer: don'thin theed like the iage. po>>ne: : whn'inhe kehe cnged what ie. newh ced at chaed? >>port:grouha ze?f t >> rt :chan whe houze ued "fat t anhe h ts,"
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on ufa "6 mi,"tes,fte stton"6is, te brn wo stheenneeat i br wo ssacesettand net i ramd upacttd e waarehetocs aamd theup e rlated t haaeto ahe rtori and r te e focs n goofor rri ndyone pareculayoroc noohem.r nearla >>ne: cm.rles gaarin ank yo neyou are ces theest.ain and kyo musachreettsongrhesman ys ttt.for e dresint m chts gr ancoulbe t ar adgeofsi hono ul acongssmageno y thi ngmall o the yhi vetans e lin th o eowd? g soeets ll l lohhis a gaind? go oths, w l strt,o is a unrtun ely unfintunaly isot allthf w amecatrut ununy nfna is rtioll omemeri at ppen tobe io oreriweal y an en t avere amicanndal thay roup in geralas ttten d eramanoha bupe inge l reblic. en >>il: t eo gro b in reic gene>>l we: ron ovehelmgl newe f presentbamvelm so oious sothin f as estam chan d, mso ousoin oama ias t
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an m rhoric or,a i may te,omeing mo astirh.ic atdo youhinkay imeg reamoly ingti o ou >>gunkt: iyoualk i tomeea of he pgple onvold in thgu iuk tme otesof the pareleolin dispoind th in t predents eshereisin in t nt so frohatee,epitca is. sonerarot angnmanye, fross. someraf thang aer inyro sharmeha a d, ihink onefhear qution sill, wh isnkne tf genel quocuson sl, hat i st tlet b nenswed us by mos it t neil bcongssma aweot byos of eilccupwall sngeetma cro as veangrof th bupkll setro ilou ve and is pgrside wa ath is b bioupartof d pdewa wbin thrtresint embt.ces thei wthsimesse,mbs do heei sk shsstingimse i th ot?do gues i d't k wshngse eveth liti?an h to aress thies d k ffervetly. ere notti a h poltoical ass hiveme assee t,er y. is e aot a ol almovent fm tmee grsse ots sd a eve ve f tgr po ticis shod be ve utio louheyryociho tobeembr eioouy . i ve sppord thtobutbr neray no i sortht spefica
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y.ra no but in geral shapecaheir t ange atn 99gelerctha veirusth geat 19rc rcen e >>il: dou shethat ger thtea enrty, >> t: n,h atsir? >>est: nr somehaeve i y, t dd. ir? ha>>t:lwanme tought t teae i rty s a d goodrassiawa trootgh tea y aodss suppt. i n't reeothere tey areon most g ls pp but i t epporre an t recoure thr st aivis g ut d oran ur thi li pele ais d getngoff the uchli ae f>>ne: dohe y fin ih a odudin an yo. par the ne ido yin mor iupptd oreco itio oyoarhe wh iheorpp or ocpy wlcoiotree ors ah taing aut tha oc w theleaee a pay? >>gu t:ta no,g ahao,he pa n guo, i don reeith n mt of thteaarty onandsor bu ethat esn'th mofthaty an i dsbuat n' d 't i appudheir d aivis ther ome pp thairin is ais er e ment ha agn, sie thare ss nt cuseag ai havnotth ye co t o se aolicalavt yspecum, o too oearl tli delrminthat but ecat , th ooway theearl rty tdein satrted tht didthot syrthe a a
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y s edliti ll acttheid gro s. a neilthats a ti ctod but y ilat thi a o t y i bothiart iot s,hert uisin tey a ventg at uinh ong t a fol ? nt at mayb th ghoulgo 20 misol uth oybashgton h >>est:ul lttle bit20fi on l t>>t: t lmleit seeall stet rst llh. t t is lt teelstymbo t th see tt tis cntroing waingtbo. whher that ieerigh tor wro c throg heiwagt whr igh jgmen ro andth ei is no jen d necsari s minoocus. >>il: u arecri mius not>>: arsayiot yithats seone fro whingn? at >>est: thi walstre s ne is prot of wng t proembut >>t: wahiingtal is reere pdeciofons e mad t iroouldt ve hemwa tgts eocuscis mre ad onld wa ingt.m t en ius tey m disrewith ion agt ha i tisth oble as t teahaartyas n le as tea retylarasi tonte o re r ericssi tte o geingoff ic theouch geg todvisf thahech toisha --heir
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opinns i ordue peoeave- ir be in i tang oueeoe bethe tme outaut thats te tonde that.ut >>atil: t itheoresint sodt. for s>>port:g ie tsi srotes o wallrstre s rtgt ge t olente o orll dicre ge somhing ikeen had ic the0's with omeng vikenam war d hesroteers, eth ilentvi m maritywa atevoutes, caen thematy fo sevwillcahe y, a foll poxon e partin pay. >>est:hat ox a rt poibily. pa an t>>att: ist he a rk po yil an tak t s withny gss r y rtak th g moment i thk ths rt onehis paiculmo mntemen thh sneems tos paul men havehey sso intd to veaveeylessnt fos, ahetr totve ntinsss or whher fo th aet t ange it ll binuporwh rhem th anthatill dermi how ge pet le i b theem ndan watllll see dmiow i >>il:he cngreman, w alys ee od m. se >>: yo than cyouren, lry we .se eaki of wao and broanund the pwetest thead a
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kif seandffro th pst wnesshe ahey keew wtas go g on wssher tey dow kas w gomblion 25er t pownts and t of li th has25o d ps wndh conrn hatof thas e soalle died up w withtheont ribb andeady tsoole god uiteacka bbnddy t of soport forilinka rope nks s mrt noorbe chin a pego," s md ano rcue fohe a ,"stitionsnd aback a op om t refolike he itns g amansck adin the t efftiske n so gns ineff n so su. th jushas buyrs bding u su thethussarkuy aveges bng t u fit usesign purkinghem baves in tfit gn mis teitor pu ginmheaineante, mi dideor t e wh e housjust tow contater o idrepos th t it whll um ausst t keyco rt oer it o wn po hthltt ca aeyaw? a orepuicanit nato whois h nca? puan to hon o tha jo ohaohun un at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm malennouer ] for lf t calies mm leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion
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coud'vehad v8. ugguton ouved . accent esn' ve tslowou dn. cct n' with tetteowcar dplac ent, youcar toted thter ac t, we ive ouu thr moneot for car e mol ye new. wee thne r r moyeew lirty tualuto surae. liy alo ra
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witheriz 4g e, evro. you n innt n way upgde yr buness thizg usg re-timgrouu meetings nayom r ote pgcati ys, buss usreimou etvide confenci r e tibile redicardaymes, denfci ledirdme litninfastownlds d acss tthoulinds in stbunlnesspps. ac tous plusbuverissn has. thlargt sectio usriha th 4g rge desecesio d thmostg ltcovege r yo busg s thstltve yol onusmeris.'s ftest st riabl4g nwork onri fst rbl nrk wonr mo busesse chse vizonirels onmousse ch v onthanelny o er wiress crier an o re cer vezon. ven. >eil:s thwhit hou back >l:eddlthg oit theealtou
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arck dlw? o th arehelt sing d not thre sng suort d real.ot at w shod beoing is sut workg totherore. addss whoeng s lo-ter car e rktoeroddhallges w face inloerarhislls w ceinount.s d th is ant feree to ths a longerm re cllen. re to d racti fr senngorm tne cwhoen.redied rthistir setor,en t oowdiis se whr,? >>ell, hopwe canet wh repe ed.>> l, ope pridensaidan ould vet a epe pe.of pren tid claldctet ethou t sectary tlaf he th ou t anhumaecryserves w is respsiblhe for itan samatrv wis nois orka e, ispblorannabe signno to meka i t wonn. aoncsion s gn camo to m wch t ny o uso ewncon m sths andam w mohs a owhen thisctuay sasse minsndhe rst mo a ple. en ifhiheyisteuad toy s these peat t walings romifhey eertsteto in he eir n at eparent,wahegsm e ts tuarin or healn andumanar t, seices araid t oisalnd proanamwill not rksees saygid t tharoayll b ck t befo theayush i thrgh d hais is bometng the foheh ihr want ais potica winethe ond
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unrtun ely, o thnteoetricantin of o theameranaxper ts is ununy, th rreri oc sionofheerxp tis i wasngto rwher logoc tonps i pasiticto foerog t now but eed t pic pufotowhrou bu angedit turepeed. ou >>il: at ianintestin bype. ba tracng>>and: i tnhe adnisttiontein s ing, wl,ba itacd t not th isadst one way s ig, is wt goin otoh goeay a ier thssecrary sa onin ath fraycr wey tsaonook li itould haveen afr was e ofok ti lithist heathldareavn l aas of itlf, iswasti aiseyea prtre of l it alst itp, thes wi pf avinital peleheforclyiin bupengrc inranc tisu g sinnc tring th wheaw ito qu gtion >> est:oung woerthhhat her i pas ofhequon h>>ltht: cao ll at whatro th knowpaof eyre n htha llinyou atabouth othow e ment of nth heahare inubillou th causthis e wasnt eare mssivll new usisas entiemenprogm th masiv new paid fo tienogth n an you kneidanfo ey anriedouneto ge prium venuinedhe fst fewgerm yrs knnuinghen tey got f
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to t lat w yrsnd t yng en mand totn t tat pr yramame i tn it wod adto nd en t decit. r mthatme wa iit clrlywoadhe et. at wacongssiol buet aly comg to tt colusi and ngiobu a theom tcosind tuars, a the he minirati reated ar aignod thehearngs ni cotingromeed thr owadmi stra on tnotth rnthisill noto worom th owd, smitra t dr sisntolot qstio otheor elentsf the s bl,rto qio helesfhe b no bu we oht tepea g othisff t bue o booonot giea g em a oppistuni in t eoo o futut togi r ctiv aeppnin tuo ts. r iv thn i curntform d ts thnotork >> iil: e onur wayrmo he d t turedrk ov>>: henon tay h cert, maybthe premur cot, a vthatould hnpen t ne ct, ye yb wee em docot a kw. at ld ht,nne bainge tt,we is doit kfe to ag t is sa t admtoistrion s de it clr, sa tdmtrn teyl wil eound on e t befit mo peoe areil co ered ndann fore an bitoeore pre- isti concotiond are re anvere andhe benits e e-tion on ether and ot lretennd toen s reblics wh ay er nd is lnotnto woh thpape thareicitwh is
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pristed .t >>est:wohat thspeeenha thes se a prd ang. >> t: t sew hn behe tha a lot a of a ti.s whthey pass h thbehanewtf panstins owhgovementeyndas thth w althcare llhen ns ovent th imemend is thre $2.5n illi im enexpaision,hat coervave.5 li beeve,nd pan, t sumi at se o vapoin inbee, ture peo emiwillat s like theinrogrns wll bereeo soll popuker peele ll paygr w hiere xes so kehem go g pundpe ay caotiffo hat,s wke armino a huge ca scalfo whot, wndr w ha a to starge adres ng taltndhowe wa tonnot arig a tes tt whe eper wh th clasots a twhe did er ig ewhth ashole deer a tting mo aid mo den the leackee r ouinmo a ildr andrand ildmodesohek ou drndndd at letat tmporily is i vi le tory ii --icto b we hve --to t b wine h th wa tin neil ron ulaays can lancthe il budn tin theys yes buhow anlan nc teudh d ye bu sw an t d rout a
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eck oou a ack oupro a. ro. t ua, we lievhon is t elusie tohe mita . u e evn s nd cmitmnt i not mitee si to t monea mil ary th. ctm it te teily . he se s of lueshat ive ur nion'miliary ssf esat e n n're tli oneywe ed touilusaaank. tne e fr freto cheiling aa k. toredicar to ans, ur c mitfrnt tree helitg y, etetonsdid thrr fo ilies, cit te it eth fie iwitht eql. ♪ ♪ iisitthus oeqine . len wh mak ourank dieren ♪♪ it oe ewh akurk dien saa. wenowhat mea toerve
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neil an nw, lis n il to wh isayan d no at we n ais owinono why no we a the in scenurhec prevus ev gst, e mmber of e hoe of prestatis, i a decrat g , not mer rfpublan. ho of es dtiocra i eleadatg by t rbl c.ting ron daulra adby irodung a cplanng n balale thbudgnot in i0du an year thre lathdg yes.t in cutng $ trarlion ifreye ut spding $ tr onw. an the specutnge dictor anrhe utdior "plic nice, thiis a "pc pr ntye, bihi aove. w des he pro itbin the. crit dse arayin it isn dng tthuch it to fas ar whatoin u isay? d t >>gut: chll ittosas aato very?
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amgutiou it a plerand its too am ou mu too fas pl iaydt ooagre muere oo a l oas tuff inere th arereig e l itshe aricaffn epubl nywathre n behi int a catheoin bl kewa nhin ein re alincertn leslatn whh wod be re inoverelmirtly pularleat amowhwoe er remiblics bu par getngmoid certn agciesuch areicbuet th depa mentrtfgesch aducaonh hichpa nt he whingn st"oll lt we saicaonly 21cherce of weng "publl is l in weaily vor1ce of.f bl sneilbutnhe dartmt of r edatio itf.s o th gilift dtmof ediot o dsth sced, core we goin up,ut ey aresc, dumrre w than inp, eyarumrema anfore t amma re tmondenghe tal of ingi evethinbacko 20de al ospenng lels en t giveincko 20repuicanwere n en per ls i t th puanre unrlist p? or thhe conessm tryg nrst ando witoris wnonsmryersig of doit 9? si fgues wll, ybe 200 lels cld bees a w, e ltle00 bitis anlehous c reblics a noare le taingbout
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tianus008reic no e lelsut,aguteall getng 8 spdingacko le hit,oricevel ll whiciset rht sp arongdk0 prcen hi icorel ic th wou rro b an p en prop ate mou. h iou d bn'tn knxac y ifopeou i 20et dtn usacif20 thughut itould busess arndthhtld b 18ercess. ar >>il: uave t pain18 befocethe >>ain,: ae t youai foe alded,n, a eou idehat theood ld drd, admidestraon watld b c hed dr rcenfrom prent evemi ara w b c peop y, we haten momanre ase a st d gero op weat ms dgs dro a poonoufood ds headur a y. po ouw dood he couerea tat? >>gut: h s to. dohe ou yo pu t? p posagu ou h n lio. yo puis, bo p prsaosalouli you ha , kebo thral cricismndou awer ha that that s ath verrism vlid arritism at of at a eer v pdn. th f.tia.port n oof it. t, p als th.rt ogoodt. thg, itwill ls rce sod othth illompetors o ther fore thith pesidtial imarpeto crse o ot wi erorhi pla pidal not juar c owi tlklabout
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otuttiju t ave t strg,oldutti pr osaletrd >>ne:pral i neou knothe ten ar plsget unry ski ino en't enow a utploutn ibareki know t a at i a ire ha ngowfor i brea aast morr let ane whatahe gernmrt wilut n eat rret a or ater at g onmr 10til n yea. soorhis erys o s10 this m planverea tsoees s yeahit lsast m an r it tring moreat lt ramicalit tong the orforeont. at i wrgamal he witthatret. i gues whyrg thknythg writg wiat it, tear leshy ihth wrwit, tr l -- t yelanis no t tean reisti arlyno reti evy yea lyeareveafterr yo talng abo ttin th ficiin lfer and heyoal webo inth e, ci $15 t llioinnd hebt idie no o15 tiobt i no it. neil:hankou. n itople is weilnkpeci. uestles tomoow tci sll thst ond
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weillear fr hemo t g s h prosinallf o e welrruttg. in t g pr inesh.l he. tt t d if h. theld youare mo ifor touepa e ocupyall reetrote whetr yo sport th or opyl etteot. etyo srt h re ohatras . otpre s re
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evy ti a lal bines openits ors evti l bes ens s crees anotr laop b re ot laor h bes a thermploe, h it a noterust lood for sine. it itot goot for thr entine com nity it oo banrof a ricawe kthw thtiom ty pacthat cal sinees an aca kth ctt l nehave n counits. th's w we tend .8 blion vecoit th we nd to s bll boniness acss the untrso f thiyear s besac e tr fhiar becae thmoree he the the re whelpake op rtuncay pothiblere hehe e wlpe opunpole
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>eil:ike or t if occu walstre presti n >l: yoe strr tifou ll e cual ure ryingtior yotr it. e
4:29 pm
th uiti ngdepling re fice t. i conolplheg cwd ce whicre viontndon taayer c ar icooti tio ovtimetabiller ar to satihe teast ov memy gstll wanttosahestong t g otes go nt teepe tg t ts w l beeso made t copeensa t wbe de r tm.cosa dhe replicanew rk ity t d coepcilmca, gow oy ve colm gou. so e so cosand ishoul nostriou a osd usl,ul t,nori manyare asurpsed, hey wi enye subsntia >>gut: ts isrp ad, veryi ffict buet te orbs allia ofgu tis us, aeeratio t icbu ttat lldof pa icul ly t, citio tat d f epaul the tit $4 fhe bilon lliodefi4t anwe caot il afrd io ifian eca blkburadmi straonaf lled it a di blur fcalmi ra finaial tuatn dedou aadd di fl nal at onthongdrote o eoplthgte caing plt4/7 wth cag noend7 w ahd whill porit? o ud wl.ah wh il pill. ?
4:30 pm
r w i kidl. hool willeut baidnd poce a cut olll bac howsbahe city bpoter autacffs ww need ait diogue brn t walfs w st et p otesed onwher iue go fr he talwith rard st pesthen erfinaial conrn.go fr e neilththe rd conrne nalas,on. lst ile onek cnciln, is,they l gotn to oweranhaan a cil itrieeyot earheto parerhere eha afolk everiene presti rtar mhtre havelk ncit er sethiprti m olen ve it d w shi got so en vionce ove weeekeot whe tssoioerecedve ekehe t to n yk's tescesqua t doyo th k n yhes aut triti uamiss a h gldenuttippo unit ss andow iistoo gen lat gues wpoit d icann havoat es annav a 24 247 otes camd o inpark 7ere s to eesam co oerninfor e rkttom e toonr line by ll om stneety st
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
coues ioth m fem bado woe we qcklyou >>gut: y f coundad y wo havead qly ggesguons yromou setor yurbi a ve setor essm serbi aer saers o isvoti th the de cratalthsaghs is seehati he deatth sha-- he is an iepennt i e sene. th areencoagin a a ien i een bathrecoin arun. >>ne: iaam adn. nei y msage thatand wh rbin y sa m thage for atd a hited stes in senora toha l ra ed ssbuten invio wh e h in engldt whh vih w hin efectel gl awh w nk r. e ct th i aeall ba r >>gu t: tt gthes agnstthell amocric prty gutrad tion g agte crosevt wh he pyame tadn off e the evwh fiet firmeide tchatffbou thheiirankseat wch werou osed th sang tssksow w ter edbankg sysaem w tl wo andou c t keepour neyndnk u o nsy wwo havendo d a c r onepr yhe b nk no n havve demrati d senors r n urgi a n b onno t av bemk.ti then cousoun like gi anon tot o b th
4:37 pm
fuou tounthoskee cract os do o wallfutreto, eos few tousa therand t cct fewdo o hunlledrehat, haew com tsatogeer i erd t aewew un otrt cieshautom iget i is t gog t eot funior t i amecas taxpers we vego t arunun o tanyf mer ma rxps e nbank o >>ne : myhaelgre tma snk ne melre t s yo tha youery ch.yohaouy d n lkinabou . deerts n gerall i sainy thou bge thedets ge ll sabettthnd bthheutrion in ar tt vingtrn the sal reat ng fincialth s scaalat inal heca. e
4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
my gsts sayess iore,ons t gts ay nutrios i tws,e,they t trtwlikeey it thanyou rke coitng. anes tu s wohenco.ou t telwon peopyou ctilleaelwhat yooplike bu cllmalrortis? at >>est: eyoareke balti >> fant:eofe corol. ere notngett tan aan cravg an dcol. e botng aett to sop avan b wit a a s ptionrimil it ponmi - contl trt tat doot brk the - calie nt batr. t af tr yo finho at ifbr yth wantalo ackba aafyo hain m e, f yohave yo op ntp y urck aallea an pe mle j tyo veotp yle do anpe tha j neili dot knoha abt ildokn that many d >>gut: mob at ny d d't. t wha gumo conrnsus whe d.her tha ar aew sllonsheerort nsar groud s totherif yourt have ou on itisto terouavasy onitand t a lite o ttingsyd ait tng - mpti tostic to ti
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
portn-coroll rt icom.ll the buty o th sll i reatth u he bany ente da oth sf gat atfoodat t end hfhentayda or e mile o g th dayodifyou t nd ve ltle birof a mireat o ithay ueps u le birac aat i s esac not a ow t bnk. >>ne: buott wt the coanie t isharg y b. a silar neamoubu for wth tcoiemall srgorti y sar ou soorthey ttil kp youllti sued in andsoeyheil kou idu is, innd alwseep youidiki ts, uffut ylwep yo ys wulki not trge tem tof y e wotge t o ant's a e sel doaning's a ophe, thel isy takdog gues i hethisakould es agr. ldneil tat ishat gues it il ts se yt h u for e k lesft u ha fou inse y ont uor ou, k y arehaouin t ett u,goor y treorti ctrol onett pa. t mytilien col s thne caotave thsnacpa acks myen th sthhous a beuse ey eve on thnd aceks xtthand theus ne sobe the end e sttegy sdhe theuy sth o sml
4:45 pm
rtiostgyh ntro o trmt. io >>ne: th gout d buyro itr >>gut: righ ne th od tyo not buyuy it pa agegufgh fo t becse tn tytreuy i pae trble. neil so ifoecou t t y th i tire agftre. duble il ituff eos d eatththem re a a dlesingff ttin s hatat iem not a -ng >>gut:ot in ialt we i didotot rcomm -d gu. i weid rmmd neil i thk hatil the mo dice ecomic i tithsktrehe tmo more cecocwei eatomfo t fod and he re faater w gfot. fnd >>gut: gw. fa>>ne w: gally i jst madgu at g ly >>gut: y jadare r ht. . absotely gupeop y are loongore r. coort. soly so opreoo ty fal ba tocot. t so mfor talbao the t or mforng weithe ich rorei my, th h ly on od. >>il: the m looht e rket seningff anthat . >>: he aoo asono et pigsegn oat. >>gut: sesati onig kps o us i buguness sinfo kunaty. i buneilssarmaddonsood ffoat u. thilk yo bomaon veod fuch. thyoo gues tha yveu.
4:46 pm
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4:50 pm
thst areon otin ahegood a >> ty dell y unlthsrehey owod p, w tt thtell y unls iy w at pplhll ire p unhpy the hugnhthnxiy. ug anwe he pitic clsxi an h yingo gloon picclo nglo thi an e reblicsare yinghianno ereiceno ng is 19s famyam aut faieae a freie a fa mac are. >> btac wat ithey a>>ayin b llt w iey a is inll reets gues etbut e pside got es e moy fr walt seet ani p dedon'goknowhy th mofr alpubl sanstn n'owth deblhs say anying,they a fend g wade sthet oayosed ny g, eymain atree lookhe ndwatnge oed aains wall inreetxtenrom tee fa lokt tohe ger ansll rht. et en havom s tidfa l th to bere. is ise r.hat av shbe .iteshe s was strtt lke noing hve
4:51 pm
everes een. wa trt th proem lno is,gf h tis er n. ows pthro liwhats, hapned. t >>ne : insi968at wth 9apd. nein68 w -- the denstrorsit -hescaled fterde tr srtinuthe ki'saler inhe i asssinionndthat o obbyasinn nned it toon aatby li it owed andtitto s ov-theopini iticag ow nd uld beov heokin at ag at? d dobe inheyat esc ate?? gues i thyre not prerlysce? ornize es i thissh aot prlyorze is afreeloatg situion,hereeopl are comi froeemat a the tun,replreeass. miro ahe we, remberashe tis fst artewhenwehereer w t was p fular peop lisned ecatee teney w aswere ccern par opis abdtcait t re c anrns ab it becemoreans racalitecand more vient atraldwas oe vit ginng ofs nn negivit neilwheneg theit mide-cls andppe
4:52 pm
ilenheiddleid cclss dpe anddl c llegagekids gnvonded ege . ds >>gut: ghatvoashe le gut 's. e prlem lit nt frhe . subs nce prm e r bse vlenc were wher nrthat vnc er nathad deachns. >>il: was tch. oung>>: s >>gut: t tywere hnging gu t ach-res anpeop expined e hgwar. at wt fi .h- an opandxped hen,hatr. ha wenedfihe d oppotionecame men,tadichaed and me poonam miolt.ic an me d tat isetol theiddlof th ount tsoff. he >>ne: sodl thif unt wf.e pr idenneobamso r --. w pr >>enest:am a let mesa-. e >>t: a et tiwamovent wasmoree orgazed and wave waassre re fter gadndwa nin, midd-claer oient bu no o nieadg tddla shi ont u th e i ono voe singad thi heyth io sg ve sethiy andhey are
4:53 pm
ghtboutalltree andthe shindy re ilou andanni t mutl anee ndfrede maend eorru ionound ni is man m ual.edma >>il: rudon'nthin peopis m l.are pttin ut>> t: tn' winop and ue parein t exrt tan alt wugh nd pla one onev, twhatex therelth lalookgnet, d thiathe pple e ok diissithathe hipresent pnnotleun wthdisit, at has en sayesngt othe w sa s sff theiaya prostin s eit. >>est:e habeenroayininit beuse e p lic s>> beet:ha en ainsthis forin lo ti beande p c theewhithous doesnsis norhing lo thatsti tolld thitusesriv. nng >>ne : soat po slay tis isiv go ? ne so >>gut: tpo oble fothe t s pridenis go? gu t lefoe pren to-fo: heas en enlingal strt, tfoe apinti allhesenngtr pele geiter a a theaptill esople frompeall reet d heit h as th ah le oml et he hth faiemae te rning th whit hoe. fa soyes,ee ds, rngh nd, ito al whsos, dou gabd, somhing ifal wh i g tus bomngouif cnot giv iit tu ba b. th isthe ctiv dger. ba ths >>il:ethan and hebrout dr.
4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
heeshngr faheinl p. o i n! auall i ink youdesee th. . i alli k o, ioueserse thith. ierhi wowgot ne othos wh a ilma on p? prioty mowil ft t ra o os wshia ing matartn at j t $95 io m fra hig rt j $ oy fr thpost serce. aimpl wayo s p. ofrthstere. aplays >>eil:ell,ou kw wh i lo worng i n yor ci? >>l: l,'s a kwh lace ofloor ama ing nor ci co arastcefma hethcost footore cpeti he wi toore ctireas wi t th oup wal seet cwdpo otesng thapit oism,utal not s t c o mes way thees apeitrowdm,ot cebrat mgyheapitpwdis ceat i tlouit it'weir so cisseut man tot'irar and c an way waynd fay apa. w throte ferspa th a tes incoiste, to a
4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
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